Florida's Drug Distribution Laws

Due to the fact that Florida is well known as one of the biggest drug hubs in the United States, based on its relative location to Cuba and South America, where drugs flood out from, there are very strict drug laws in the state of Florida, and if you are caught distributing narcotics, you can expect to go to jail for a very long time. However, it all depends on what you are actually selling and the amount that you are selling, but the state has made it very clear that they do not want to be known as a drug state and will bring the hammer down if you are caught selling narcotics in Florida. You very may well know about the cocaine problem that the state of Florida has, due to the influx of the drug from Cuba and they probably take this drug the most serious. If you are caught with a small amount, but are still selling, you will probably do some time in the county jail. The punishments start to ramp up very rapidly, and if you are in possession of about ten ounces or more, you are going to be facing about seven years and large fines. Anything above that and you're looking at fifteen years in the penitentiary and if you have over one hundred and fifty kilos, they can absolutely throw you in for life. Heroin is taken very seriously as well, although there is not as much of a problem with heroin in the Sunshine state, as there are in a ton of states in the North. This does not change the fact that they bring the hammer down for heroin, and the penalties are fairly similar to that of cocaine. The only different is that they can throw you in prison for life if you have less of the drug, due to the fact that it is more potent. Surprisingly, even though marijuana is about to get federally legalized, you can actually serve a full ten year sentence for selling a single ounce of marijuana.