About Us

The National WAMU Homeowners Support Group is comprised of WAMU borrowers across America who have come together to support one another in achieving a workable, sustainable solution to the foreclosure crises. We are not attorneys. We do not give legal advise. We share information as unpaid volunteers who assist one another in service to a greater good. We organize and participate in community events. We demonstrate. We write letters. We blog. We solicit the support of our legislators, attorneys general, and community leaders. We share information and offer support as a collective group of WAMU borrowers facing these challenging times. We do not advocate or advise anyone to stop making his/her mortgage payments. Always consult with your own legal counsel and/or financial advisers before taking such steps. Our goal is to save our homes and our communities, and in the process respect one another and do no harm. Contact Cofounders Rob Harrington or Rena (3doggm) for further details.