Dealing With a DUI Charge in Florida

If you have been charged with a DUI in Florida for driving under the influence, you want to know how those charges can be dropped. DUI charges not only can result in steep fines, but can result in your driving license as suspension as well. Based on the evidence the police have against you, sometimes It's better to try to fight your charges and prove that you were not under the influence while driving. However, this procedure is not easy at all and the best thing you can do is get help from an experienced lawyer, like a Umansky Law Firm Orlando DUI attorney to defend your charges. The legal process will reqiure you to answer many questions and can create many difficulties for you.   A dui lawyer will help you work on a defense strategy that could include the following::  Illicit Stop: They cannot stop you without any reasonable point to prove that you have violated some traffic laws. But be careful, cops are very smart and they know how to get the truth. In the case of DUI stops, it's important to know how to deal with law enforcement.  No proof of drunk driving: They cannot find you guilty until they have enough proof against you that you were driving under the influence of the alcohol.  The Absence of an Observation Report: You need to be under observation for a minimum period of twenty minutes before a breath test according to the law of the Florida. Otherwise, the report will not be considered valid and will not be accepted by the law. Under any circumstance, if you are not kept under observation, the report will not be considered legal. FSE’s investigation is not valid: According to the rule of the National Highway and Traffic Society Administration, if the DUI is not properly investigated and evaluated by the Field Sobriety Exercises, the report will not be considered in a court of law. Witness and their role: In most of the cases, witnesses such as independent witnesses, medical staff, and other personnel can play an important role in this process. They can provide crucial evidence against and prove your case. If you have such kind of strong witnesses against your case then consult a law firm immediately to help you in this situation. Lack of Coordination in police reports: Police statements and records play a significant role for proving any kind of crime. But if there is any lack of coordination, missing reports and confusion in these reports then they will struggle to prove you were driving drunk.  Confusing statements on Breath/ Urine/ Blood tests: These reports should be unique and proper to prove a case. If there will be any confusion in these reports then you can be exempted from this charge in the absence of any proof. Health complications: If you have any medical complication and chronic disease then it can also influence your DUI arrest. In this case, the judge might take into consideration that your medical impairments were the reason you failed a sobriety test. These are just some possible defenses that are used in DUI cases. The most important thing is that you need a DUI attorney to represent you and represent your case.